Green Thai Curry with Tofu (vegan)




15 minutes

Cook time

15 minutes



1 Jar Bay’s Kitchen Thai Green Curry Sauce
280g Block of extra firm tofu (be sure to buy extra firm to avoid it breaking apart when cooking)
140g Green beans
1 Small courgette (approx 130g)
100g Basmati rice to serve (dry weight)
1 Tbsp Rapeseed or olive oil
1 Tsp Mix of ground cumin and coriander
1 Small bunch of coriander, stems and leaves
1 Lime
Salt and pepper















  1. Preheat the oven to 190c.
  2. Open the tofu and drain away any liquid. Place the block between two plates and stick something heavy on top (like a recipe book!) to squeeze out any excess liquid.
  3. Bring a pan of water to boil and cook your rice according to pack instructions.
  4. Prepare your vegetables – cut the courgette in half lengthwise and then slice into semi circles – keep them fairly thin so they cook quickly. Top and tail the green beans and cut into bite sized pieces. Separate the coriander stems from the leaves and chop the stems finely.
  5. Put the green beans and courgette into a large bowl. Boil a kettle and pour over the vegetables until they are covered with water. Leave for 4-5 minutes – you want to blanch them so they keep their colour and crunch. Once you’re happy with their texture, drain and refresh with cold water and then set to one side.
  6. Meanwhile drain the tofu, pat dry and cut into cubes. Place the cumin and coriander together with a pinch of salt and pepper in a bowl. Add the tofu to the bowl and toss until the tofu cubes are coated in the spices
  7. Heat half the oil in a non-stick pan and fry the tofu for 3-4 mins until it starts to look golden, then tip onto an overproof plate and place in the oven to crisp up
  8. Heat the remaining oil in the same pan and fry off the coriander stems until fragrant – 1-2 minutes. Add the jar of Bay’s Kitchen Thai Curry Sauce to the pan, then quarter fill the jar with water and swirl around to loosen the remainder of the sauce and add that to the pan too. Bring to a simmer and cook for 2 minutes, then tip in the vegetables and stir to heat through for another minute.
  9. Finally, remove the tofu from the oven and tip into the pan together with the juice of half the lime. Shake the pan to coat the tofu with the sauce.
  10. To serve, drain the rice and divide evenly between the bowls. Top with the curry. Dress with chopped coriander leaves and segments of the remaining lime.

Recipe created by Bay's Kitchen.

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