Wheat gluten (400g)

Wheat gluten (400g)

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A low FODMAP diet does not have to be gluten-free! 

Wheat gluten is added to doughs to achieve the consistency and typical taste of bread.

Read more about it in our article.

  • Low FODMAP (30g per serving is low FODMAP - not certified)
  • Contains gluten (not gluten-free and therefore not suitable for people with coeliac disease!) 

For fine bread and bakery products, to improve texture and increase crust strength for more volume and better consistency of the bread loaf, for improving the improve the flow properties of the dough, prolong the shelf life of bakery shelf life in baked goods, as a binder in meat products, as a vegetarian source of protein source.

You can find a delicious bread recipe here.


Store in a dry place.


Wheat gluten

Nutritional values