Fried Tomatoes, Zucchini & Shrimp Korma




5 mins


30 min.


1 jar of Bay's Kitchen Mild Korma

90g cherry tomatoes

150g king prawns

130g courgettes

1/2 tablespoon olive oil for brushing the vegetables

Ground black pepper

To serve:

Basmati rice or gluten-free flatbreads

  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C / 180°C fan oven.
  2. Cut off the ends of the zucchini, then cut lengthwise into thick slices.
  3. Place the tomatoes and zucchini in a casserole dish and toss with the olive oil and black pepper until the vegetables are coated. Place the vegetables in the oven and roast for about 15 minutes until tender.
  4. Take the dish out of the oven and pour the glass of Bay's Kitchen Mild Korma into the dish with the vegetables. Fill the jar 1/4 full with water, put the lid on and shake the jar to loosen the remaining sauce and pour that into the dish as well. Shake the dish or use a spoon to mix the sauce and vegetables together.
  5. Place the dish in the oven for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the pan from the oven - the sauce should now be bubbling.
  6. Add the shrimp and stir to coat the shrimp in the sauce. Place back in the oven for a further 5 minutes, until the shrimp are hot and the sauce is bubbling again.
  7. You can serve the curry straight from the bowl with rice or gluten-free flatbread.

Recipe created by Bay's Kitchen.

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